Question TCL tv reviews

Apr 18, 2019
Curious if anyone has comments regarding TCK tv's Model: 65R617 - Was interested but wanted some feedback from the group- other reviews say it is a really good tv- Wondering if the tv will last it is for the basement and for our kids to watch movies and play video games - Trying to get a gauge to see if spending $1000 id going to last me for 5-10 years
I can't comment on that specific TV but if you have $1k to spend I would go with a Sony, LG, or Samsung.
While I don't think any TV made today is meant to last 10 years you are more likely to get long term support from a major brand.
Buying a low priced set and planning on replacing it more often isn't a bad plan. I suspect your kids won't care as much as you might.
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