News TCL's new 8K TV brings the IMAX experience home — and we want one now


Sep 12, 2018
I was kind of excited in early 2020 to get hands on an affordable 8k TV with 2.1. Neither seemed to materialize in any quantity.
TCL was my expected provider due to their history of undercutting the top tier guys with a lower price and a minimal decrease in picture quality.
Here we are a year later, still waiting.
But it seems like when the product IS delivered, it will be priced about the same as top tier sets, although based on reviews from across the pond, that expected decrease in picture quality is still there. So, I am forecasting some deep discounting from the expected MSRP to move these units.
The next question will be, if the TCL 1st gen 8k picture quality will be acceptable enough to even merit the purchase at a discount. Time will tell.