Technics stereo + Celestion sub?


Feb 4, 2012
,I have purchased a very complex Technics home stereo system. It has a pair of glass Jammo speakers and I've got an amplified Celestion subwoofer that I would like to include into the system. I have no idea how to wire it in though. The sub has two RCA jacks (Line in and Line out) plus it has a right and left high level input speaker terminals. The power amp on the stereo has two pairs of speaker terminals on the back (one for 4-16 Ohms and one for 8-16 Ohms), plus approx 12 RCA jacks which all seem to be in use at the moment. I'm a novice at this so have no idea where the RCA jacks on the sub would feed from/to and which speaker terminals are for the speakers/sub. Any help?


The subwoofer is amplified so all you need is a sub out on your receiver(using rca plugs) going into the rca line in on the sub.

"Some Receivers/Amplifiers do not have a low level subwoofer output.The only means of output is from the main left and right speaker channels.
Some of our subwoofers feature "High Level" inputs for this purpose.
Simply connect the subwoofer between your amplifier and speaker system using the "High Level" inputs from the amplifier and the "High level" outputs to your speakers, to enjoy extended low frequency sound for music."

What model of receiver are you using?

Happy Listening, the Prisoner.

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