Solved! Technics SU-G75 Amplifier won't turn on

Feb 6, 2019
Hello, i'm not very familiar with forums or this kind of thing so apologize in advance if this is the wrong place to ask

I have a problem with an old Technics SU-G75 Amplifier when i go to turn it on it'll make a click noise, but it doesn't report anything on the display as it wont turn on, and also there is no sound output when hooking speakers up with it.
I have took it apart to see if any connections were fried and to my eyes none of them seem burnt or anything.
Its worked fine in the past, never had any real issues with it, always ran great.

Any input helps, thanks in advance.
It may have a blown fuse. There may be one on the back near the power cord or inside. You have to replace the fuse with the same amperage and type of fuse. Fuses are supposed to blow and if you replace one more than once it can cause more damage.
A shorted speaker wire or bad speaker can blow fuses so disconnect the speakers and see if the same thing happens.
There are too many possible reasons for fuses to blow.
Here is a link to the service manual
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