Teenage laptop good design good for travel and school? Please help me


Oct 20, 2013
Hey this is the first time I've looked into buying a laptop from what I have read about this is what I'm thinking I am going to need but I don't know much about laptops if you could help me out I'd be really thankful:)

I have about 900$ to spend but I would like it to be much less if possible.
Laptop more than tablet
Good battery life
14in or less
About 7200 rpm
80+ GB hard drive
At least 2 USB ports
Not Apple ( My online schooling is not compatible with apple)
At least 1 GB of RAM
Good design I'm a teenage girl so I really want a laptop that looks good.
I'm not too into social networking but I do have a Facebook and tumblur I check them often when I am away from my friends and family.
If possible maybe a laptop that is decently sturdy/ waterproof I am a snowboarder so I will be in snowy climates and be moving from hotel to hotel a lot .
I'm going to be traveling all over the US by plane and car I'd like to be able to work on the road. I will mostly be working on my schoolwork on my laptop so it needs to be comfortable to type on for long periods of time and also have Microsoft office programs especially word and excel.
Lenovo's Yoga series kind of caught my eye but I have never seen them in real life so I can't tell if these are more like a tablet or laptop, or if they are right for what I need.
~ Madison
if you can help please email me Maddster1615@hotmail.com


Jun 5, 2013


Not sure why links don't work.. but anyway the laptops are :

1) HP Pavilion DM1-4300SA

2) Asus VivoBook S200E-CT216H

hope this helps!!
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