Question Text-to-Speech on Discord voice chat?

Jan 20, 2021
I heard this is possible, but I've yet to get it to work. I have a friend who is starting to stream. I want to help them, but don't want to use my voice online. So I've been seeing if I can get a text-to-speech program to play out through a Discord voice call or similar.

I've downloaded VB-Cable and fiddled with the settings in Discord, but nothing seems to register when I test it out there or on Windows. If I could get a simple step-by-step to make this work, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Also, I know Discord has a TTS system already in place, but I can't change from the default male voice. Since I'm a girl, I would prefer a female voice. I've been using the Type to Voice Chat app from the Windows Store, but I'm not certain if it's even compatible with what I want. So any other suggestions to programs I could use would be appreciated.
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