News The best blockbuster you missed in theaters is now streaming — don’t make the same mistake again

May 24, 2024
I went to see this movie in the theater. David Leitch and Ryan Gosling spoke on screen before the movie, and seemed sincere -- this was their homage to the unsung stuntmen, and they went all out to produce a movie that you must see in the theater. $200M was spent, so I presumed they did make something outstanding.

And then I saw the movie. The stunts were good, no doubt. The script was awful! How did they green-light a script so boring and incredibly cliched? The direction was erratic, and the whole movie seemed a bit chaotic. Overall, not the worst I've seen, but a poor movie nonetheless. Code8 on Netflix, made for $2.1M (one-hundredth the cost) was a much more engaging movie, with decent special effects.

So I have to ask Leitch, if you are so sincere about paying homage to the stuntmen, why didn't you make a better movie? This deserved to fail at the theater. And it joins a number of recent movies. Hollywood can't make a decent script today.

So my opinion. Fall Guy is not a good movie, but an OK B-movie. 2 stars.