The best over-ear headphones in 2021


Sep 26, 2013
Just a shot comment on your spousedly "best pick" the Sony WH-1000XM4. After recent detail measurements on ASR I can say how those are absolutely horrible (in the worst possible way) by any standards in a passive mode, ANC one partially compensate that but still not enough. They got a passing judgment there of course not deserved one (headless panther or anything else is only appropriate one).
Dec 28, 2021
Could anyone have picked a more overpriced, ridiculously priced, best over-the-ear headphone list? Wow. I have have bought cars that were considered luxury in their heyday that run and drive with no work required when purchased for substantially less money than most of these priced headphones . They're not that over the top better than a set that cost a fraction of this nonsense. I think this list was done by picking the most expensive brands that you can find online To fill up a top 10 list. No actual research went into this Whodunit list? Tom your guidance is lacking. Where once there was trust now only comes questions of your trustworthiness.
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