The best security pack for Win 8.1


Apr 13, 2012

I'm a fan and user KIS for many years. I'm looking for something similar in efficacy but lighter. What would you choose from the three programs - KIS 2015, Norton Security 2015 or Emisoft Internet Security?

None of the above, though I've tried all of them at one time or another. Not impressed. Either too heavy on resources or, in the case of Norton. their renewal charges are are a rip-off. Oh, and I strongly object to paying for online security software anyway.

I use Comodo Internet Security, about as light on resource usage as you can get, and it's free but very effective and trustworthy. It would be silly to pay for a security suite when the excellent Comodo is free.

I've been using it for seven years with no regrets, no infections, no getting hacked.