The big nasty secret no one tells you about buying TVs

Fox Tread3

Jun 19, 2023
June 10, 2024 - With all due respect to the reporter Mr. Pino. There is no news here for anyone who is more than a novice shopper. I would like to think that the average consumer knows that it is best to wait for a sale if possible. Sure there are those times where your reliable old car or TV unexpectedly dies. But on average, we start planning on purchasing or replacing something within a certain time frame. There is a reason that
retailers and the consumer have a love affair with seasonal and holiday sales. It's a pact between the buyers and sellers. "Help us clear our old inventory, and we'll give you a heck of a deal!" I have no problem with that agreement, and I don't think it's "A big nasty secret". I understand that it is necessary to grab eyeballs though, and there are people that might learn something in the article.