News The iPhone SE now looks ridiculously out of — here’s why

May 2, 2023
This is a terrible article.

As of today, the title of this article is: "It's official — the iPhone SE now looks ridiculously out of date". That is a dumb headline. There is nothing official about it, nothing has changed recently, and this is not headline-appropriate text.

The article is listed under "News". It is not news; it is opinion. ("I like to imagine...", "it’s one of those things that will never make sense to me....") Put it in the Opinion section, if it must be published at all.

The whole article could be replaced by the admission the writer makes toward the end: "In short, Apple is doing what it does best, and offering a lower-cost phone that provides an experience and quality only Apple can provide." The writer does no research, and makes no attempt to interview Apple employees or industry insiders to illuminate the topic any further than the light of his own dim obsession.

Examples of overwrought phrases from this absurd negative puffery:
"Steve Jobs rolling in his grave"
"just so laughably bad by modern standards"
"the only way you could make it seem more dated is by adding a rotary dial"
"this kind of design had outstayed its welcome"
"The iPhone SE is the antithesis of that idea"
"seeing the SE's design in action is like walking back in time"
"a design that is now positively retro by smartphone standards"

Was the writer short on his monthly quota, or grinning like a madman when he banged this one out?

I have valued many pieces by Tom's. This article makes Tom's Guide look bad, and it wastes your readers' time.
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