The PSVR 2 is the first VR headset I’m excited about — here’s why

Jul 30, 2022
Im sorry, but doing a commentary/editorial without doing you're research is absolutely unexceptable! From a site that people go to, so they feel there getting at least facts to make up there own minds. All the points that the Author pointed out where either totally backward, or the same, if not more on the opposition system. Im personally excited to see what sony has to offer. It's the exact reason i chose the Xbox ecosystem over Sony's Apple like walled garden. Being able to use the headset for pc gaming via link,steam, ect., and not needing a Facebook account anymore!!! Just opens up alot more experience's ill be trying in VR than you will. That's fine. Just dont block others from getting proper information to decide whats bezt for them. Otherwise i have no reason to Read tom's guide anymore.