The repair man installed the wrong BIOS on my Laptop


Dec 23, 2016
Hi everyone !

I'm not sure if I'm right, but it seems the repair man has installed the wrong bios on my laptop. My Laptop is the Asus X45C-VX080. After I recieved my Laptop from the repair man, there's some issues with it. My cooling fan is always on high speed ( > 4000rpm ) and the laptop takes too long to BIOS boot (more than 10s since I push the power button till the logo ASUS shows up). I checked my msinfo32 and found out there was something not right.

Here's my capture of the System Infomation
My Laptop is X45C and the BIOS version is X45VD.208

So here are my questions:

1st: Is it OK to keep it that way or I have to Install the different BIOS ?

2nd: If I have to install the different BIOS, can you guys show me how ?

Thank you all for reading and replying to my thread. I'm very appreciate for your help

What makes you suspect it's incorrect? A lot of the 'X' lineups share the same BIOS, so if you';re woriried about the fact it shows "X45*VD*", then you're likely worrying too much.

V.208 is the latest BIOS for your laptop as per:

The zip file shows "X45CAS208", but that won't necessariyl be what'll show once installed.
If you're concerned, you could flash the BIOS as per that link.,

The 'repair man' may have disabled 'fast boot;' in the BIOS, although the fan being on high speed constantly is a little odd.


Dec 23, 2016

Thank you for your answer. That makes me less worried.

By the way, because you have indicated that the repair man may have disable the fast boot in BIOS, so is there anyway to enable it back ? I'd looked in the BIOS but I didnt see anything similar to that.

Oh and there is one more issue, when ever I put my laptop into sleep and when I turn it back on
the fan usually not spin back, I have to disassemble my keyboard and blow into the fan to make it spin back. Is there anyway to solve that problem ?

I'm very appreciate for your help and reply also everyone else. Thank you
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