News The ROG Ally X has the potential to be the new king of handheld PCs — here's why

Jun 2, 2024
How is it "coming" for Valve when it's achieving the same intent of the Steam Deck and bringing more people in to PC gaming and subsequently, bringing more people to Steam?

Steam is still the most trusted, most used PC gaming platform that people buy games from - on a singular basis. Game Pass is a volatile service that has proven to not be helping the industry in the long term, EGS is for Fortnite and freebies and everything else is either niche or only used for a few games.

If anything, it's another reason to not buy any 3rd party multiplatform games and Indies for the upcoming Switch 2 and just buy them for Steam, instead, where you can now play the games across a myriad of devices.

Since Nintendo are going to be relying more heavily on 3rd party software sales, to keep them afloat between longer 1st party development cycles for the Switch 2, all these handheld PC's actually pose a greater threat. Plus, you can straight up emulate a lot of their games on them.