Solved! These process are confusing me please help

May 21, 2018
My phone internal storage always full but I don't videos I only use wattsup my Facebook deleted no photos it always restart and delete my messages I cleaned data cache but that doesn't work so help me to fix my I only original apps that came with this damn phone is frustrating me
Well the phone may have started out with very little space. Since you don't mention the phone I can't say how much, but you can do a google search for the specs (specifications) for that device and see how much space it comes with. Then take note that much of that will be taken up by the OS and the preinstalled apps.

Now things that can take up more space are apps like Facebook, a Browser, etc. They leave all kinds of stuff on the device when you use them. This is will leave you with less and less.

Go into your "Settings" and check how much space is being used by what. Then you may want to look at what apps you can uninstall (if any) that you never use and are not required. Then consider clearing the history and cache of things like the apps mentioned above. Just be sure you save anything you may want from them first.