Things to do when setting up laptop (Razer Blade 2014)


Apr 18, 2015
Bought a used 2014 Blade for $750 CAD, mad steal but was wondering what I should do to improve the overall experience. Read from Reddit that I should set max CPU to 99% to disable turbo boost (known for being really hot), use Intel XTU to under-volt the CPU and under-volt the 870M with EVGA Precision (unless you guys recommend a better program for GPU tweaking). Is there anything else?


Setting max CPU to 99% to disable Turbo Boost only works for Win 7.

For Win 8 it works differently, I think it was something like 90%, but that not only disabled T, it also lowered clockspeed to a little lower than normal.

In Win 10 it is even worse; you have to use 60% or lower before anything changes the max clockspeed. But setting it to that lowers the clockspeed to half of the max Turbo Boost clockspeed.


Apr 18, 2015

Actually, I just tested this and it does work. I noticed that having max CPU state on 99% limited it to run at 2.18 GHz of the 2.2 base, and once i put it to 100%, it immediately turbo boosted to the 3.2 GHz boost speed (I am decompressing a file right now so one core is at 100% usage). Windows 10 Pro with all updates installed
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