News Think climate change is a hoax? Don’t watch this Google Earth timelapse

Pauline Demetry

Feb 17, 2015
I do believe in climate change in that Humans are adding quite a bit to what naturally happens.

The video shown however does not show what the title states. Two examples, the artic and the Atacama desert area and dried ocean with the latter Atacama ocean being iffy because that ocean was drained because of severe over irrigation, while it is a Human mismanagement fault, the desert ocean is drying up because of Humans exploitation and it's loss of mass so quickly. These are the only two examples. The rest of the examples shows Humans cultivating and claiming land over the shown years that then become seasonally green instead of a constant green used by the makers of the film to exaggerate their point. The ocean Island pic showed sand migration. There were better examples of rising sea water to show rather than the example given.

It appears the author of that video was restricted to certain areas that had consistent pictures of the same area over time and did not have the ability to show better examples. This video will do little to persuade none believers of climate change.