Thinking of buying an EV? Here’s the one question you need to answer first

Apr 7, 2024
I think the first question to ask is whether you can charge at home. For those who don't drive long distances daily, even Level 1 charging may be enough. You just need to replace the miles you drove that day by charging overnight. For most, however, Level 2 charging, even if not at the highest amperage level, is necessary.

I use a 16 amp 240 volt Level 2 charger with my Bolt EUV. I have no problem replacing my miles driven when I charge overnight. I actually need to do this only about once per week. I went with a 16 amp charger because I had a spare dedicated 20 amp circuit that could easily be routed into my garage. Using the 80% rule, a 16 amp charger was the largest I could use with a 20 amp circuit.
Jul 17, 2023
Suggesting people will be shell shocked by the price of of DC Fast chargers is a clickbait headline. they may be surprised that DC fast charging can cost as much as gas. But how can that be "shell shocked"? Even for someone who does A LOT of long distance driving, they will still be be charging at home and seeing the savings. They just won't see much or any savings on the road. For most people thats 90%+ at home. For someone who does a lot of road trips, maybe thats only 70% at home.

No, the question people should be asking themselves before buying an EV is "do I have an offstreet parking spot?". If you do, even an extension cord (of the correct gage) from an outdoor 120V outlet will do the trick for most people. If you don't then you'll be using those DC fast chargers and not saving money.
Nov 12, 2023
The charging situation is going to improve well within the lifetime of a new truck. On the other hand in 30 years a 2024 hybrid will be a polluting albatross that it's hard to find gas for, and with a really short electric range.

Just buy electric already.
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