Discussion Thinking of switching from Samsung s10 to Iphone 14 pro

Feb 16, 2023
I’m almost 70. My wife and I are getting hearing aids. Apple is a better platform for them then Android. So I’m thinking of switching from my older S10 to the newer 14 pro. I can pick one up off Swappa, mint, for a about a thousand bucks. But it’s a bit of a hard nut to swallow since otherwise my phone seems fine. I could go for a 13 pro and save a few hundred bucks but I figure might as well go for the gusto.

Anyway, one thing I’m wondering about is the actual transfer of data. I’ve read that Apple’s ‘Move to Ios’ app has issues. I figure my carrier, T-Mobile, can help with the switch if I can’t manage, though redoing all the passwords is a hassle.

Another thing is I have an Ipad pro, which is good in terms of their compatibility. But I’m wondering if the contacts from my S10, once transferred, will fight with the contacts on the ipad, if they’ll just merge seamlessly, if they’ll ask me to choose one over the other or if I’ll get some duplication on both devices.

In some remote areas the android has reception where the iphone doesn’t. I’m wondering if since the 14 pro is 5G and so much newer where mine is 4g if that’s a non issue.

I tried posting this first to an Iphone forum but though it’s gotten a couple hundred views it hasn’t gotten any responses. So, thanks in advance. And if there’s anything else you think would be good for me to consider that I’ve missed please don’t hesitate to advise.