This is a good one... HP x360 envy no screen


Jan 27, 2014
I have a 2014 HP x360 envy 15inch with that was running windows 8.1.

this computer had a virus get into the OS and corrupt it as well as somehow flash the bios to render the mobo useless.

I have sense gotten a new motherboard with a i7 5500U and its all installed and I formatted the hard drive to prepare for the new install of windows 7 I'm going to put on it.

upon pressing power and everything is hooked up, I get fan to spin up, power light to kick on and no screen. it charges like its supposed to as well.

what is going on here? do I have a bad lcd cable too? Can I boot using an external monitor with the hdmi on the side? I don't think that will allow me to change bios settings though.

let me know with any advice you guys have to this problem, after 30ish laptop mobo replacements ive never seen this.