This is the biggest lie told to TV shoppers — and how to see through it


Mar 12, 2008
you should try looking up resolutions in 4K projectors, lol.

Something else to note about the TVs (I thought you might touch on it so I finished the article before mentioning). There is also a big difference in what signal the TV can take in to what it can display. You can find TVs that will still say "native refresh rate 120Hz" or whatever, but it will only take a 60Hz signal. So, you can get a 4K TV and it can say 120Hz, or even 240Hz, thinking it will be great for the new gen console, but it only accepts a 60Hz signal, and uses their motion technology to simulate the higher refresh rates.
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Feb 14, 2008
I believe if your TV and output source support HDMI 2.1 then you can get 4k @ 120Hz.

It sucks about finding the Native resolution. Such an important spec and it amazes me that manufacturers can leave it out and hide it legally. It's basically legal to come up with fake refresh rates and legal to hide the real one from even their product pages.