News This is why your new PS5 is 300g lighter – and it’s not good


Mar 25, 2018
To me what is most notable is they removed the copper cold plate and that indicates pure cost cutting measures or what I like to call "Beancounter Engineering" .... I never really liked the idea of a massive amount of liquid metal because it it breaks through containment it's either going to burn up or short out the PCB ..... If even 5% have problems in 2-3 years of use it's going to be millions

All so Sony could ramp up the GPU clock instead of just adding more GPU cores like Microsoft did .... In the long run they aren't saving a cent because they needed a radical and expensive cooling design ..... What I'd like to see is benchmarks because I bet they lowered the boost clock speeds and voltages so as not to burn them up with the smaller heatsink