this post is in regards to laptops that for no apparent reasonseem to die.


Apr 25, 2014
I was looking for a list of compatible LCD's (that sell for less that $70 including shipping and import) for a Toshiba Satellite P100 17" LCD (wxga, glossy, matte finish, and with or without some fiercely attractive, makes even gay men go weak at the knees and cause the medical comunity to coin a new cause of death, The Penile Embolism, and she has a raspy voice and an accent like Dracula. Erm... sorry about that I got carried away. Anyway you get the gist (no not the fox from Czechoslovakia) I know that there are more than one (though not reccomended or endorsed by anyone selling the "correct" (lol) one which is triple the price of another compatible LCD of the same size and same mobo connector. Loss of an overpriced sale though has no bearing on those responses (Toshiba and other electronics creators excepted, how else would you be succesfull in building highly complex machines from petroleum byproducts bits of sand and various metals and not be anal and go Rainman on anyone even hinting at using a different product in their baby of a creation) Dang I did it again.... damn my ADHD to hell. Erm... yes as I said profits in no way color those types of responses. It's like trying to cross compile Christians and Moslems but both seem utterly convinced that God AKA Allah (same as port in French for a Door in English if u ask me) is going to ensure their success and the others destruction and all the while it's evil playing tricks on them both. I mean if you were god and tried rivers of blood, sandstorms that go on for ages (I can't rem how long ok), and even go as far as to pelt one of the life forms you aslo created that weren't doing anything at the time (or since) other than going ribbit all night at the humans and they STILL insisted on taking the piss and sinning left right and center by stealing, killing, or f**king everything that came with a heartbeat wouldn't you ah heck off somewhere else and try again?

man! I either lost everyone completely, pissed off those sticklers for going off topic or just wrote the most profound and (* insert your choice of synonym for genuine here, to make me look smarter than I am) I hit a wall on that one) rant I have ever written. Gramar aside and I apologize for all the parenthesis blame (insert ethnic minority, color or ethnic majority here. The more others can identify with said choice the more your validity will soar and who knows just because you got a D- in cake making class you too could go on to slaughter millions etcetera just like those we look up to like julius ceaser and Ghengis Khan or that most hate like Hitler whose only flaw for not being remembered well by history was to lose and be within the last 100 years where those that had their lives torn from them and their loved ones brutalized are still around to leave those not touched by it that way with their pain and our response to eradicate those that would do the same to others. If those from Gaul or the steppes be here today I'm sure those grandstands we put dictators and tyyrants of old on would merely be just so many stairs to the top of the scaffold and a well oiled length of hemp.

I am on a roll but I won't rant on about it to you poor bastards that got unlucky enough to be sucked in. I will go now you won't have to vidi me any longer. I'm off to FB to hopefully stir something up in me if no one else starts to feel the same way about the same type of manufacterd bullshit that George Carlin used to point out.
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