News This ridiculous movie just rocketed into the Netflix Top 10

Sep 8, 2022
Good synopsis...I LOVED this movie back in the day. How I interpret this film, is that this is a period of life,great music, great movies great tv, life WAS FUN, and this film captures a sort of graduating from our previous douchey selves with the energy drink addiction and the "broisms", and seeks to to transition into a better version of ourselves.

Fun cast who COMMIT to the roles and story,making it that much more enjoyable. It takes you out of reality for a couple of hours, and is almost like watching a video game movie-but enjoyable, and done right.

Fun movie, great cast, awesome, kick ash action, great night shots, love Jolie's custom 1911, and finally, it doesn't pretend to be something its not. Its pure adrenaline fueled sexy fun