Review Tidal review: An unbeatable hi-fi music streaming experience

Feb 2, 2023
1- you don't subscribe to a streaming music service to listen loseless music, you want to listen your playlist in loseless music and tidal provides only 30% of HR files on my experience using the service on my playlist , so you aren't getting the all package.
2 - you need to buy extra software to listen HR music on any platforms android , iOS , windows or Mac because there's no device that plays HR natively , every platform repsamples the audio to lower resolution
3- you need WIRED headphones / IEMs
4- listen to losseless music on BT earphones / headphones is the same as listen Spotify , no matter how good the BT headphones are, BT codecs have heavy limitations , I don't think you can get much more than 96khz on most devices using LDAC .
5- MQA files are not losseless files and nobody cares about MQA, sorry
6- Tidal algorithm is getting better but not the best in the world for certain , it keeps suggesting the same tracks over and over like you don't have any alternative left on that huge library
7- HR files are so big you will struggle to listen to music if your internet isn't the best and don't even think to use your mobile data unless it's unlimited

So does it matter ? , NO , tidal have a very nice service and I personally use it and enjoy it but let's stop this no sense losseless music no one can hear the difference and please stop writing so many ridiculous bs, there's too many technical imitations and issues to even bother with loseless music