Review Tile Pro (2022) review: Still the best key finder you can buy

May 20, 2022
The Tile Pro (2022) gets a new look in the latest version of this key finder, though its top features — wide range and a loud alarm — remain intact. Here's why it's the best key finder available.

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Dinging the new Pro for being plain? Oh, pshaw. The narrowing by 25% or so from the older tile pro makes the new pro less likely to twist and tangle. It also looks like a standard key fob so is less a target for immediate destruction by malefactors. The plain smooth surface and rounded corners also helps reduce tangling.

My biggest complaint is Tile's use of loudest, louder, and loud in documentation instead of decibel ratings. If the difference is only 1 or 2 decibels between models is not worth upgrading. A difference of 8 db makes a world of difference to one who is hearing-impaired. The latter seems to be the difference between either Tile Pro and the best older Mate.

Tech note: The reduced lever arm between the long axis and edge means less twisting force on the connection to the tagged device.
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