tinnitus gamer help with audio

Aug 31, 2018
The title pretty much sums up my question.
I developed tinnitus around 2 years ago and now im planning on gaming/streaming FPS type games which require you to put volumes at high on your headphone (hyper x cloud stinger).

Does anyone have tinnitus and plays games with high volume? has it had any noticeable effect?
Any software advise?

Thanks in advance.


You might have some luck with this.

I have Tinnitus but high volumes, crowds, and concerts are impossible without sound suppression earplugs.


I use these things at work when I can't pack a Cellphone on me all the time.
Aurex Tinnitus Shield

It's one of the cheaper things on the market, Sets for musicians will also work but they ramp up in price pretty fast. My insurance covered these. They dampen the sound enough I can still hear, unlike earplugs.

I use these when not at work

Insurance didn't cover those :( I have 2 pairs but there are lots on the market that may be a bit cheaper and insurance might cover.
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