Question tinycam app


Aug 20, 2016
does anyone know if tinycam is updating there app? i have not seen any of the camera systems on ebay in the tinycam app for years.

if they area not keeping up can anyone tell me if there is another app like tiny cam that is better and keeps up with the cameras as they are put on the market? tinycam has tons but i'm looking at updating my home system now because the r2 foscams that i have now are getting old and now the ones i see on ebay are getting way to pricey for an old camera so i'm looking at getting new wifi- nvr units that have there own cameras and integrating them into my systems but i need tinycam to see them and when i try to find the new systems in the tinycam app there not in the app, so maybe there is a new app that has all of the camera systems.

or maybe someone has one of the new wifi camera system like you see on ebay and found they are working on tinycam? like this system