To download movis from showbox to your internal storage instead of sd

Apr 22, 2018
Hello om using a app thats called show box to watch movies but i like to download them to but every time i try downloading the screen says no room on sd card but thetes plenty of room because its brand new.So im wondering if you know how to make the downloads go to my eternal instead of to the sd.thanks
That wouldn't be the phone itself but the app you are using for downloading. You would need to go into that app's "Settings" and check where it is set to download the files to. If it allows you to, change the download location to the card rather than somewhere on the phone.

If it doesn't allow for such a change, then you may have to move the files to the card on your own. Through either the phone's "File Manager" app (you can get one if it didn't come with one) or by connecting the phone to a computer and moving the files via the computer. Just make sure, before you do this, that the app you are watching them through can connect to them from the card. If it can't, then moving them is a waste.
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