Tom's Guide: Update Your List of 3d Printers

Sharpe Vil

Jun 15, 2015
It's absolutely abhorrent that Tom's Guide continues to refresh the age of its guide to 3d printers despite it appearing to not have been updated in three years or more. I don't know much about current filament printers, but resin printers are currently iterating at a rapid pace, with major advancements happening multiple times a year. I keep seeing people looking to get into resin-based 3d printing getting swindled by companies trying to get rid of outdated tech because there's simply no trustworthy names out there providing comparison.

Recommending a Formlabs or Peopoly printer to a hobbyist who would need a basic overview of these printers was already laughable in 2020. These are overpriced industrial printers suitable for purchase by mid-to-large sized businesses. High quality resin printers such as the Elegoo Mars 2 and Anycubic Photon Mono are now hitting MSRPs under $200, with printers of last year's quality occasionally dipping close to $100.

The fact that this article is still showing up on things like Google Discover and feeding info years out-of-date to people is awful. If Tom's Guide isn't willing to put in the funding to test new printers, the article should be allowed to die gracefully.
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