Hi there.

If your reading this then your in the right place for to download some custom wall paper (or desktop background) images our resident "Wallpaper Wizard rezasam1 has been working on.

The common theme has a Tom'sGuide logo but the themes vary a lot.

In fact if you ask reza nicely, he might put something together just for you!

We hope your keen to participate, and even put up your own wallpapers here.

The only thing we ask is that you follow the forum rules in terms of acceptable images and text.

Enjoy! :)
rezasam ... remember my "Spice and Wolf" and some of the other new graphics card wallpapers you made ... can we get the logo's updated for Tom's Guide and post them here?

Sharknado? How about the new StarWars movie? Any images out there you can tinker with?

Go mad my friend !!