Toshiba c660d not showing mains power at all. Cable works on friend's laptop. Any suggestions please?


Jan 2, 2016
Not getting any power through to laptop. Light was flickering on and off yesterday and today nothing. I guess it could be a problem with the jack but wondered if you guys know anything else it might be. Still works on battery but that won't last forever

Here are some troubleshooting steps that I've suggested to others who had the same problem.
- Start by doing a hard reset, remove the battery and unplug the AC adapter then press and hold the power button for 20 seconds then see if it would load normally.
- Next is to test your AC adapter but based from what you mentioned your AC adapter works fine with a different laptop right? Have you tried using the AC adapter from your friends laptop and did it work or not?
- Try booting up your laptop without the battery and see if it would boot up without it.
- If it doesn't boot up it means you'll need to replace the AC adapter.