toshiba\ intel graphic update

Moayad Sharaf

Mar 28, 2014
Hi guys and happy new year for you all ^_^

i got a problem updating my integrated intel graphic card on my toshiba laptob.
the story is that im living in saudi arabia and i bought a laptob one year ago and just a week ago i figured out that my graphic card isn't updated.

so i downloaded the lastest update from intel website, but then i figured tht i need to download a specific update from the toshiba website.

so i jumped to "" and entered my laptob serial number when i was asked to, but the website tells me that it cant find my laptob on this website and i have to go to another website for middle eastern region.

so i jumped to the other website "" , but the website isn't working properly and what ever i do or try i just cant reach my purpose.

i tried intel updates, drivers downloader programs and tried to download specific versions from the internet but everything is not working and im tired of downloading with my slow internet for nothing.

so please if u have any idea how i can update this please tell me.
idk if this help but anyway my laptob is satellite C850-B907 with intel hd graphics 4000.

thx for any help, sorry for talking too much and bad english.... and happy new year again>>>


There's two things I would suggest:

1. Try running your laptop in safe mode and delete or uninstall the offending driver. It should show up in your add / remove programs box.

2. If that doesn't work I would suggest running a system restore to the last point where your system worked properly and reinstall the driver.

If that doesn't work then you might be due to reformat your laptop and do a clean install of Windows. Be sure to back up all your data first.



You can probably order a recovery disc from Toshiba for not much money.
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