Toshiba laptop, boots up for 2 seconds before shutting down.


Feb 2, 2017
Hey, I have a (old) Toshiba Tecra A10-14Y. So here's my problem: I was playing video games, and my computer suddenly shut down (like it ran out of power).And my battery is old and kinda dead, I leave it in so I don't have to reset date/time each time when I boot it up. So everytime when I use my laptop it's plugged in. When I looked at my (universal) AC adapter it was set to 13V instead of 15V (such accidents happened more the once). I unplugged it, removed the battery and put it back, plugged again, but this time it only booted up for 2 seconds before shutting down again and it's been the same since then. It doesen't even start without the battery.
If I leave it charging for a bit it I get to set up date/time, but it shuts down again. I tried to set my AC adapter at 16V and it seemed to give better results but it doesen't solve the problem, (laptop's default ac adapter which broke (and we replaced it with this universal one) was working at 15V).
I tried also to remove the static power (pressing the power button, without battery and unplugged), but it didn't help.
So I should replace my AC adapter (again) or I broke my motherboard?
Thank you in advance.

P.S. One thing i forgot to mention is that the LEDs are showing that's plugged in and the battery is charging.


Feb 2, 2017
I'm going to say two things, what I would do and what i think you should do. If you don't agree with me then don't do it i'm just trying to help.

My Question: Is there any error or can you get into BIOS or anything?

Number one (i just feel like mentioning this), there is no need to keep the battery in for the clock. There is a small C battery when you open up the laptop made for this and I'm guessing that since the laptop is old it ran out of power.

I would first, find either an only computer that uses the same AC connection then see if the charger works with that computer to save you the money of buying another AC adapter. If you don't have another laptop with the same connection then just buy a cheap AC adapter online and see if it works. But that's what i would do. In my opinion, there is a very low probability that you burned the motherboard. Not saying it isn't possible.

Joshua Grullon
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