Toshiba laptop with broken screen stuck in safe mode; second screen won't display


May 2, 2016
I have a C850D-11F with broken screen; have it hooked up to external monitor, which worked fine. I foolishly started it in safe mode (trying to fix an error code) without realizing that putting in safe mode made it so there's no display on second screen. I have tried SEVERAL things, everythin to do with fn key, winows key, etc. I cannot seem to reboot as I had the laptop set to never turn off. Laptop screen is too smashed to see ANYTHING. Repacing the screen would be a waste of money.

Can anyone advise on this? Or how to reboot in this case?


Please do try these troubleshooting steps that may help. If you manually set the laptop to boot directly to Safe Mode the only way to bring it back to normal mode is to undo the changes you made to set it to load in Safe Mode. You'll need to disconnect the ribbon cable that connects the broken LCD to the motherboard. Connect the external monitor and the laptop should think that it's the default display since you've disconnected the internal display and that way you'll be able to see everything in Safe Mode as well and undo the changes you made. :)

Hopefully this will work for you. :)