Toshiba Satellite C55-A5105 HDD/SSD Problem


Apr 17, 2010
Awhile back, my galfriend's laptop's hdd died.
I replaced it with a Mushkin Chronos Deluxe 240GB SSD.

I had installed the Mushkin in my PC about April, 2013, and replaced it with a larger Crucial ssd about Oct, 2016, after 3-1/2 yrs of moderate use.
It was working well with no signs of degradation when I made the replacement in my PC.

A few months later the hdd died in my galfriend's Toshiba laptop.
I replaced the dead hdd with the Mushkin.
It has worked nicely for her for 13 months.
Now it has died.
She only uses the laptop when she travels, and for record keeping for her social activities.
It gets very little use.

A few weeks ago it began acting strangely, scrolling rapidly through the WiFi list and through browser lists.
She couldn't access anything because of the rapid uncontrollable scrolling.

I played with it a bit and decided that the OS needed to be rebuilt.
So, I let it set a while.

I began to look at the laptop again today.
it would not boot.
Went into the BIOS.
It showed no hdd/ssd installed.
I placed the ssd into a docking station connected to my PC.
The ssd does not show in WE.
Another drive installed in the dock does show in WE.
Little doubt the ssd is dead.

I'm thinking that it is likely that there is a problem in the laptop that is killing hdd/ssd's.
I do have another smaller ssd that I could put into it, but am hesitant to do so for fear of killing it too.
I'm reluctant to buy another hdd for it to kill also.

I've tried to start the laptop with a WinPE disc.
It spins up, and I get the "Press any key ...", but nothing happens when I do.

Any thoughts or ideas as to how to proceed short of replacing the laptop?


Mark RM

Jul 16, 2014
given the time frames and age of the drives, I do not suspect the laptop is guilty of killing drives.

It's perfectly normal and highly likely spinning drives in laptops will die because people think it's OK to move them around with the drive running... and of course it's not.

A five-six year old SSD biting the dust is also not abnormal in the least, I have had 2 new Intel enterprise drives die within days (out of 22), parts do fail.
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