Toshiba Satellite C55-A5105 How to restore original software and drivers?


Apr 17, 2010
My galfriend's laptop's HDD died. I'll be installing a new SSD, to replace the dead HDD, then reinstalling Win8.1 x64 on the new SSD. Finally, I want to reinstall all the software and drivers that were on the original new machine bringing it back to new condition, actually better than new.

Toshiba isn't much help in getting what is needed figured out. Their Community link send me here. Apparently there is no Toshiba "Community". They give no email support address.
So, let's give it a try here:

Toshiba Satellite C55-A5105


Part Number:

Are all the software and drivers that were on the new machine available on the Toshiba download page?
If so, which ones do I need to d/l and install?



Apr 17, 2010
Thanks for your response ss202sl,
Yeah, that is an option.
But, I'd rather not throw any more money at that garbage outfit, Toshiba.
This is her 2nd Toshiba junk laptop I've had to work on for her.
All she looks at is the price when she buys one.
She doesn't give any thought to the quality of support.
If possible, I'd rather work a bit harder at it and manually d/l and install all that is required.

If I need to, I'll just d/l everything and figure it out.


May 23, 2012
The drivers shouldn't be an issue, and should be on that same site under drivers. But all the other software(and utilities) that was installed at the time of purchase is what I linked.
The recovery stuff is on the HDD that failed, ans when you got the laptop new, there was probably a procedure that walked you through creating your own recovery disks, so you could put them up and use them for a time like now.


Apr 17, 2010

Hello again ss202sl,
I am aware of that. But she didn't do it. In fact, there was no user manual or recovery CD/DVD included with the purchase. She had no idea that it could be done or that she should have done it, not that it's likely that she would have, even if she had known.

I tried to access the recovery process, and d/l'd the recovery media software, but the HDD was too far gone, and finally became totally inaccessible.

Now that I've looked into it a bit further, it has to be a fairly plain Jane model from the price she paid and the product description on the sales page.
I finally found the user manual. Toshiba had hidden it away very nicely.
And best of all, I found the product specification sheet for that part number.
From that, I should be able to figure out what drivers and other d/l's I'll need from their d/l page.

Thanks for your help.

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