Question Toshiba satellite e205: lights are on, keyboard presses makes beeps and the screen has a typing bar

Oct 7, 2022
As it is said in the title, my laptop has the lights on the front on. Though, only 2. The power and the plug are on. The cylinder is off for some reason. It goes on for a few seconds though when I first power it on.

Keyboard presses also make a beeping sound. The exception to this is Fn+any number which does nothing and ctrl+alt+del which just restarts the laptop.

The screen also has this flashing vertical line on the top left which looks like a typing line you would see in a command prompt. I don't know how to fix this problem.

All these are happening at the startup page, immediately after the Toshiba logo and I didn’t get to see the windows loading screen at all.
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