Toshiba Satellite L-50-B-151 Hard Drive To SSD?


Jul 7, 2016

For the past few months, my Toshiba laptop has been running incredibly slow. Whenever looking at my read/write speed on task manager, it is at 100% load for 1-2mbps for both read/write. I'm sure the APU/RAM aren't the cause as I have 8gbs of ram that is barely using more than 3gbs while I write this in Chrome with multiple tabs open. And the APU is an AMD A8 Quad Core APU with Radeon R5 graphics running on a 1366p display, so really not pushing it all that far.

I was considering purchasing a SSD and having it installed in the laptop. Is this possible? Are there any other items I should buy? Would it be compatible with this laptop? And finally, what kind of SSD would you recommend? Honestly, I wouldn't need more than 250gbs, since I don't use this laptop for mass storage.

Thank you!