Question Toshiba Satellite L745 keeps turning off

Jun 5, 2020
Hi there,

My Toshiba Satellite L745-S4210 just keeps turning off due to overheating. Found out the fan is not working.

Replaced the fan and it was working fine (<1 day) until i force shutdown the laptop. So i bought a new fan again and tested. It was the same. Working fine until i force shutdown. Then i tried to check the fan while pressing the ON button. I find that the fan jerks for a moment and then stay still. This is my second fan, which means the problem is not from the fan but something else. Really hope someone help me on this.

Battery is working fine. Tested with other toshiba L745.
Adapter input( 100-240V~1.7A ,50-60Hz) output(19.5V, 6.15A ,120W)

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