Solved! Toshiba Satellite l745-s4210 keyboard backlight

Oct 15, 2020
Windows 10.
I can't get the keyboard backlight to come on. The FN + Z doesn't work and I've uninstalled the driver and reinstalled.
I've seen videos where the keyboard settings are within the Toshiba Utilities folder but I don't have that folder.
I've also seen tutorials on booting into bios settings and turning backlight on from there but the keyboard backlight option isn't available when i do that either.
Im beginning to think this model doesn't have backlighting for the keyboard?
Thanks for any help!
I suspect it does not have a backlit keyboard. The caps lock indicator is a separate thing. I have a couple of different laptop that have backlit keyboards and they both show this feature on the key that activates the backlight. One uses Function F5 (HP) and one uses Function Spacebar (Levovo). I would dig around in the specs. If it does not mention backlight as a feature, you don't have it.
Your last statement confuses me--did the backlight ever work? Do the specs for the machine say it has a backlit keyboard?

If you don't have the Toshiba utilities folder, that software is usually available for download from the vendors support site. I can't speak for Toshiba specifically, That folder should be there already unless someone removed it.
Oct 15, 2020
I bought it used and it hasn't worked as long as I've owned it. I replaced the keyboard with a brand new one because a few of the buttons were broke.
I haven't seen specs that list whether it has backlit keyboard or doesn't either way. One thing that leads me to believe it does it the fact that it has the light to let you know caps lock is on... but that doesn't come on either.
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