Question Toshiba Satellite L745-SP4201A Audio Issue

Nov 20, 2018
Hello Forum,
I've recently had an audio problem with my toshiba laptop.
Im using Windows 7 ultimate 64bit.
The computer turns on normally, after few minutes using, audio playback suddenly stops. There are no
driver failure notification or any kind of audio not working or missing alert. If Im playing audio trough
windows media player or any kind of audio workstation, the scrollbar still plays as it was playing audio
but nothing comes out of the phones.

If i uninstall or disable the windows hd audio drivers and renable or reinstall the drivers the issues solves.
Also when i restart the computer. But after few moments it stops again, the same way.

I've tried reinstalling drivers without succes. Doing a recovery didnt solve either. I've tried pluggin a spare HD i have with another working windows 7 copy
i had but the problem persists.

I'm guessing its a hardware problem... but this has never happened to me before...
Any advice?
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