Toshiba Satellite laptop has blinking orange light and does not recognise the battery


Jan 13, 2016
Hi I have a Toshiba L655 laptop.
It alway's worked fine and the battery had a lifespan of 2-3 hours just yesterday.

Suddenly the battery light started flashing orange, and when I took the laptop off the power cord, it stopped.

I tried reboot and a different cord. Nothing.

I tried my gf battery and it works normally. So the problem seems to be the battery itself, but it was perfectly working yesterday. And right now it says 96%, plugged, not charging.

Help please!

Since you've already tried a different battery with your laptop and it worked that means it's your battery that has the problem. Did you also tried your battery with your gf's laptop and did it produce the same problem? If the same problem will persist with your gf's laptop using your battery that proves it that it's you battery.