Solved! Toshiba Satellite P55T-5262 Random Power loss & restart

Mar 26, 2020
Machine Data:
Intel-i7-4710HQ@ 2.5ghz
12g Ram
Windows 10 home version 1909

This is getting to be an older machine but still generally runs great, fast and can do anything, even lite gaming. I have a gaming rig but us this Toshiba for work as it's excellent and fast for that purpose.

The problem has been for quite a while now it will randomly just blink off and restart. Not even a shutdown process or anything just instantly goes black and then restarts. I haven't been able to completely determine the cause. I think it may happen more while plugged in than while on battery. I've also noted that the battery life used to be 2+hrs, now it's about 45 minutes and the fan does make some noise.

Could this be an issue with the battery or the fan? I haven't really noticed it getting overly hot but I suppose a sudden spike in temp without a properly working fan could do it.