Question Toshiba Tecra R84S-US2 Will not start after reboot

Jul 10, 2024
Help, first time posting and want to say thanks in advance.
I have an older Toshiba laptop I have been using for a few years now. It is (well was) running Windows 10 Pro.

Started having issues last year after a reboot it would not start up right away.
When I would "power on", the power and disk lights would come on, then after a couple seconds the disk light would go out.
Nothing showed up on the screen and I could not get into BIOS. I tried all the Fkeys (i.e. F2, F12, Esc, and Delete) alone and in combo with the Function key.
Held them down during power on and tapped rapidly, still cannot get into the BIOS. BTW I was able to get into BIOS after one of the successful reboots but
everything looked ok at the time based on some possible issues from the internet. Did not know or look at Fastboot at the time.
When powering down you could hear the hard drive winding down.
Sometimes after just a few tries and sometimes it would be after many days of repeated tries, the hard drive would "catch",
I would get a notice on the screen that it had to perform (do not recall exact wording) a system restore and then restart and it would be fine until next reboot.

I created a system restore on an USB drive for backup and also a clean new install USB with with Windows 10 Pro.
The while back (couple weeks) it rebooted and I have not been able to get it to restart at all now.
I took it to a couple computer repair shops and oh yes they could fix it, but it was a bit out of my budget.
I looked on line and have not been able to find the exact issue.

Some suggestions from online is replace hard drive, so I have a new one, and same issue.
Disconnect all peripherals, no change. Disconnect battery and power cable and then hold power button for a while to bleed residual power, no go.
One suggestion is turn off fast boot, but unable to do that as I cannot get it going now nor get into BIOS.
Next I am going to replace the CMOS battery as that might be an issue. I have one on order.

Anyway, looking for suggestions, trouble shooting ideas, but mostly the fix, lol.

I know this is a bit lengthy and I really appreciate any assistance or thoughts of what to try next.
Feedback on comments on my posting are welcome as it will make me better for next post.

Anchor Bill