Question Toshiba TV connect to Xiaomi soundbar Solution

Oct 23, 2019
Hi All,

This is my first thread due to I am kinda new and waste money for several cable that won't satisfy me already.

I just bought Xiaomi soundbar from China lately to use with my Toshiba TV.
My expectation is only good sound quality as the soundbar itself can and can adjust volume with remote control.

  1. I successfully connect them at first by just using 3.5mm but the sound quality is extremely bad.
  2. So I bought Optical cable and quality is amazing, however.... as all of you can guess, I cannot use my TV remote to control volume through TV.
  3. Now I need actual solution that will work for me...
My TV has HDMI, Optical Audio, 3.5mm and Analog
Soundbar has SPDIF, Optical Audio, 3.5mm and Analog

So you can guess my plan that I may try Analog cable but I am not sure if it will allow me to do what I want or not.
So if anyone can give me some answer even say "nah that is not possible" that's fine too.

If I really need to by some converter is okay, but amplifier... may exceed the soundbar price itself.

Thank you so much.
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