Toshiba windows 8 screen goes black after start up & welcome screen comes up


Nov 13, 2015
I have a Toshiba Satellite P840 with Windows 8. It starts up & shows the Welcome" screen then goes black. If I press ctrl+alt+del it takes me to another screen with these 5 options "Lock" "Switch user" "Sign out" "Change a password " "Task manager"
Can someone help me or do l need to take it to a repair shop?

From those 5 option select Task Manager. Once open click on File on the top left corner of it then select New Task. When the Run box is open type "explorer.exe" then click OK, see if you'll get your normal screen back after doing these steps.

If it does work disable all your startup items first. Open Task Manager once again then go to Startup tab and from there you can disable the startup items.
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