Totally overwhelmed with headphone selection


Jul 8, 2008
I am moving into a new apartment in a month and will need to purchase some headphones to game with.
My main concern is gaming, but may do some light music listening as well. I've been doing as much researching as possible and have been overwhelmed by the amount of options available. My current speaker set up are Corsair sp2500's. I have an older creative sound card, but it is not currently installed. I would like to run the headphones through the sp2500's headphone jack for ease of use.

I do not need a mic.

Here is a list of current headphone/headsets I am looking at. They range from anywhere from 100-300 dollars. I would really like to keep the budget low, but also want the best quality I can get for the price range. Any suggestions would be great!!!


you already stated that you do not need a mic.
what about surround sound headphones? personally i would just go with a better quality stereo set.

for that budget, go with a pair of studio headphones from either audio technica, sennheiser or another well recommended brand. i use a pair of audio technica ath-m50s (m50s = straight cable, m50= coiled cable). for around $150-170 i have found them hard to beat.
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