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Aug 20, 2016
i have the galaxy a21 phone that is from tracfone. after the 90 days i unlocked it and put it on metro pcs. so today i tried to get another tracfone and they let me pick one, i went all the way thru checkout and then when it came time to input the 6 digit code they did not let me enter it. so are they not going to let me get another phone because i took this one off there service. the phone still shows active on the site. i asked to send the code to my tracfone that is on metro now and they would not send me the code.

i want to use the a51 for the 90 days and then unlock it and then put the sim back in the a21 and sell the phone. so does anyone know how i can get this done? the a51 was free and it did not want to go thru but when i picked the moto g pure and got to the cc payment of course that one was going thru. maybe i have to wait for the a51 to get back on the pay list. thanks
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