Transferring pictures, ringtones from computer to smartphone


Nov 2, 2013
I will be getting a smartphone soon & I want to still have all my pictures & ringtones transfer to my smartphone from my computer, please anybody, how can I transfer it from my computer to a smartphone?
not sure about windowsphone and iphone but as far as android is concerned its relatively easy which i will explain.

plug your phone in to the pc with a usb cable..
look at your phone and accept the dialog box which comes up about connecting to the pc..
two windows will pop up: one for internal storage and one for the sd card..

ringtones are generally stored on the internal storage under /media/ringtones/ but could be just about anywhere as the phone will index any sound file on the device for this list. for instance you could create a /mymusic/ folder in the base directory and put all of your stuff there as to not confuse it with any files originally included on the phone.

camera photos are generally stored in /dcim/ on either the internal or sd card storage but photos can be store just about anywhere as well. for instance you could create a /myphotos/ directory so as not to confuse it with anything else on the phone. it will show up as a seperate thumbnail to a directory in your gallery view. i have about 6-8 of these folders to keep different types of photos seperated. eg, my projects, camera photos, wallpaper photos, etcetera.